Tales From The Thousand Lakes (1994)

# 2  Into Hiding

The islander slips into hiding
and takes to his heels
out of dark Northland
the murky house of Sara
he whirled out of doors as snow
arrives as smoke in the yard
to flee from bad deeds

There he had to become someone else
he must change his shape
as an eagle he swept up
wanted to soar heavenward
the sun burnt his cheeks
the moon lit his brows
# 3  The Castaway

A bird flew out of Lapland
an eagle from the North East

One wing ruffled the water
and the other swept the sky
It's tail skimmed the sea

It flutters, it glides
it looks, it turns round

"Why, man are you in the sea
fellow, among the billows?"
# 4  First Doom

The mountains of north
shall erupt and flames
of darkland will rise
Hail to one who hails
Blood for one who blees

O you mistress of northland
queen of darkland
I may wash my hand of
the evil master's Blood

For that is no man's doom
which I bring
that is child's doom
and it shall be the First doom
# 5  Black Winter Day

This is how the lucky feel
how the blessed think
like daybreak in spring
the sun on a spring morning

But how do I feel
in my gloomy depths?

Like the flat brink of a cloud
like a dark night in the autumn
a black winter day
no, darker than that
gloomier than an autumn night
# 6  Drowned Maid

I went to wash at the shore
I went to bathe in the sea
and there I, a hen, was lost

I, a bird
untimely died
Let not my brother
ever in the world
Water his war-horse
upon the seashore!

Water of the sea
so much blood of mine
fishes of the sea
so much flesh of mine

Such the death of the young maid
end of the fair little hen
# 7  In The Beginning

I have a good mind
take into my head
to start of singing
began reciting

We seldom get together
and meet each other
on these poor borders
the luckless lands of the north

Those words we have got
from the North's furthest fields,
from the heaths of Kalevala
# 8  Forgotten Sunrise

Once I had a mind
and thoughts was given

But nowadays, in this evil age
all my sense is somewhere else

Once I had a soul
I was one with my god

But now I am abandoned
banished from these lies

Long my tale's been in the cold
for ages has lain hidden

I know how to bewitch fire
and how to fame flames
I know how to banish worms
and turn snakes away
# 9  To Fathers Cabin

O old man, good god
careful man of heaven
keeper of storm clouds
make misty weather
and create a tiny cloud
in whose shelter I may go
# 10  Magic And Mayhem

Hey there, tiny wench
my perpetual serf
put stew in a pot
bring water for the guest

Before we part
before your neck is broken
you strike first
son of the north
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