Celestial Season

Solar Lovers (1995)

# 1  Decamerone

I hear the music
sweet tunes that caress my soul
music begging for music
it woes my soul ...so...

it enchants me...
...feeding my hunger
but I'm hungry for more
...so much more..

food for the poets thought
ink for the thirsty pen
lust like the ravaging whore
bringing on her final encore

show me the notes to the music
show me the words I can't find
write me a poem that touches me
playing this song as you write...
# 2  Solar Child

solar child is burning my eyes
she's still burning my eyes

would you give it to me
all the love you have
child...would you give it to me

all I had inside I gave to you
I want you to give me the same
# 3  Body As Canvas

# 4  Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight

shutting with careful fingers
our gloom-pleased eyes
to walk through gardens of delight
we'll live in our dreams

this night, we'll live our dreams
our secrets will be sung
they slip away from your lips
into the sweating midnight air

you make our dreamscape
feel like falling
falling from the highest mountain
into a valley of green, soft leaves
gliding through this passing day

enshaded in forgetfulness
we create our ideal world
banished is the rage of yesterday
dawn falls for the morning to shine

awake, new-born, you fade away...
...for another day...
# 5  Will You Wait For The Sun?

the cold water in which I stand
portrays the tears I once cried
I face a sunset of sweet sins
in a dusk of perishing hopes

I bear the shroud
that once warmed me
I bear a torn shroud
that now grieves with me

I wash my hands
with glory that once was
with might once shared
through my fingers it slips...
...alas...it slips...

blissful winds that covet me
offering wings of shining silk
they whisper to me
will you wait for the sun?
# 6  The Holy Snake

# 7  Dancing To A Thousand Symphonies

remembering the melodies
in a room with glowing stars
with a thousand symphonies, right
I still recall a smile on the wall

not forgetting the beating on the drums
under a blood raining sky
with the roaring of thunder, okay

dancing to a thousand symphonies
my feet are off the ground
dancing to a thousand symphonies
I love transcending sounds
my feet are off the ground
I love these transcending sounds
# 8  Vienna

we walked in the cold air
freezing breath on a window pane,
lying and waiting
the man in the dark in a picture frame,
so mystic and soulful
a voice reaching out in a piercing cry,
it stays with you until

the feeling has gone only you and I
it means nothing to me
this means nothing to me
oh, vienna

the music is weaving
haunting notes, pizzicato strings,
the rhythm is calling
alone in the night as the daylight brings,
a cool empty silence
the warmth of your hand and a cold grey sky,
it fades to the distance

the image has gone only you and I
it means nothing to me
this means nothing to me
oh, vienna

this means nothing to me
this means nothing to me
oh, vienna
# 9  Fandago

# 10  The Scent Of Eve

...and I find light in the tears
from your eyes
...and I hope in the tears we cry
for now we cannot
let them fall anymore
in the light of day we can only sigh
the twilight embraces our souls uproar
through the woods we'll run
where natures caress is sweet
in solitude we find each other
I trace your warmth
you treasure my strength
in these days we share tomorrow
exiled you once were
and exiled we are now
in the barest part of our shared nature
because I sank so deep
...so deep to find you
I stare at your face
the untouchable one
I wantedt to touch it...to hold it
but life turns away...forever...
# 11  A Tune From The Majestic Queen's Garden

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