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Собрание избранных (к 2005 году) композиций, звуковой битрейт - 32 Кб/с.
Black In Mind
Wildhoney Whatever That Hurts The Ar 104 107
119 516 Prelude To Agony Unsuccessfully Coping With The Xero Tolerance
Black God The Crown Of Sympathy Your River Paranoid Love You To Death
My Girlfriends Girlfriend Enter Transcendental Sleep Birth Of Venus Illegitima The Whore The Cook and the Mother Seawinds
Lemuria Ach So Bald Alive But Dead Alles Luge All Little Devils
Apocalyptic Views As I Die Battle Hymn Bed Of Nails Beer Beer
Bis Aufs Blut Black Winter Day Brutal Planet Butterfly FX Cassandra
Cleansed By Fire Close Your Eyes Copycat Der Nibelunge Not Der Tanz Der Schatten
Die Gedanken Sind Frei Do You Like It Like That Dragontown Du Mein Einzig Einherjermarsjen
Elnors Magic Valley Embers Fire Emerald Sword Fragment Ghost Of The Sun
Herr Spiegelmann Heute Ist Die Rache Mein Hocus Pocus Holy Thunderforce Hunka Lunka
If I Could Fly In Deinen Leben I Surrender It Sat Duolma Mu Knell To The Cross
Maledicantur Thylie Mane Teket Fares Novocaine Phenomena Pick Up The Bones
Pine Woods Poison Rage Of The Winte Roses On White Lace Second Skin
Seele In Not Sister Sarah Sonnentanz Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Take It Like A Woman
The Tale Of The Witchlord Trollhammaren Trolls In The Dark Welcome The Night Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace

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