Tristese (demo, 1994)

# 1  Thoughts Of Tranquility

This terrible writhe
I rot away
Oh, hear my prayer
My soul is trying to slip away

I...I die
Pray for my soul
All hope is gone

Agony, please set me free
Remove this pain from me
Let me be
Oh, my god

Eternity now awaits
Going towards him
I am embracing god
My soul is free, I have peace

Once... once again I sense the gaiety
The gaiety of flowers on green meadows
# 2  A Poem For The Dead

Grace and peace be yours, the dead
Greet me with open arms, silently crying
Ever faithful on to me, even when you are dead

You, whom I loved
My joy and crown
If you still were here
May your spirit rest
Rejoice, your soul, is free
Blessed be and peace to you
And love with faith from him
My undying love

(your) glory is like the flowers of the field
Like roses will fall, their remembrance is forever

The lord is yours
I shall not want a past that now is lost
Silence and grief, my heart is lone
I cry for you, my love
I breathe, for you, I live for you
I will long rue you, too deeply to tell
A wreath - my farewell
I rue you - grief bites hard
Tears now flow for you
# 3  Yearning For Heaven

First came the wings, then came peace
An angel sweetly embracing me
As the clouds continued to thicken
As far as eyes could see

Farewell, I loved you ever
Now flights of angels sung me to rest

As the trees shed their leaves
Salvation's final, arrival
(was) bringing delight upon me
I ascended to thee
Finally, I find myself entwined
In bitterness and sweet bliss

Raining tears
Lay me in the earth
And from my flesh may voilets spring
Silently within myself I weep in sorrow
For the beloved whom I have, lost
So many times, way too many
My soul darkens
I can not love anymore
In fear of losing you
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