Sol Invictus

Lex Talionis (1990)

"Это космическая символика солнца и луны, смена сезонов, героические воинственные образы мечей, стягов и барабанов, специфичные нордические образы рун, волков и воронов, и апокалиптический язык горящих городов, падающих небес и сокрушающих волн. Это исключительно языческая точка зрения на мир, героическая и трагическая, но сохраняющая ницшеанский "оптимизм духа", где из пламени восстает возрожденный феникс. И одновременно с этим в музыке звучит печаль и жалость, смешанный с пафосом и иронией обзор двадцатого века, в котором массовая культура, "смерть запада" сделала жизнь человека тривиальной и обыденной."©

# 1  Blood And Wine
# 2  Lex Talionis

The world is full of gods and beasts
Some to serve and some to feast
Avert your eyes from the sky
The lies of God and the God of lies
And even forests once lush and green
Have the stench of murder and children's screams
But bird of prey in your eyes is where our heavens lie
But bird of prey in your eyes is where our future lies

# 3  Black Easter

Descending then ascending, the fall then the call
Climb ever upward to join the world once more
See the serpents rising, angels on a chain
Come to meet together, come to make their claim
Black Easter
Hear the chants of old powers, the weak fall on their swords
Nature is above all morals, destiny a shameless whore
Fallen angels, like black flowers, bloom and are ripe
Gather round the lords and princes, bringer of a promised light
Black Easter...

# 4  Knell To The Cross
# 5  The Ruins

I'll meet you where the moonlight falls
I'll meet you where the statues stand
I'll meet you beneath the falling walls
We await the gods to show their hand
Amongst the ruins

Feel the warmth of the unconquered sun
Light the torches, the swords of the sun
He looks down with a mocking laugh
At the fools lonely in the dark
Amongst the ruins

We rise with the life rune
And we fall with the death rune
We will wait beneath the yew together
We will lie beneath the yew together
Amongst the ruins

# 6  Tooth And Claw

The heavens open, and bloody rain does fall
On the good and the bad, on the rich and the poor
Insane laughter splits the heavens
Spits on the prayers of the masses
Is God in his heaven, is all right with the world?
Is God in his heaven, wrapped in a shroud?
See the dove fall, beneath the eagle's claw
Obeys the one law, of tooth and claw
The law of the strong: this is our law
And the joy of the world
Up to the heavens, an eagle soared
To meet with the sun
And where love is the call
Up to the heavens, an eagle soared
To talk with the sun
And where blood is the law
With shield and sword
And tooth and claw

The law of the strong
And the joy of the world

# 7  Blood Against Gold

I see the torchlights
I hear voices echo from the past
I see black angels washed in silver rays
Embracing beauty and crushing slaves
Blood against gold

I see a spectre, I watch it grow
I see great armies lost in the snow
Their faces torn like a bloody veil
And history's winds blow betrayal
Blood against gold

Beneath where lovers walk the dead do sleep
They catch the tears that lovers weep
In this soulless age of broken dreams
But from the shadows, an accusing scream
Blood against gold...

# 8  Fields

Dresden burning in the night, Coventry is still alight
Above the pain the blood and fire
Comes the sigh: we're ruled by liars
She took me from the village square
Through fields the colour of her hair
Where arrows crossed point to the sky
And fathers, brothers and lovers lie
She stopped and turned to look at me
But in her eyes no hate I see
She said for me and all the others-
No more wars amongst brothers...

# 9  Abattoirs Of Love

We hung upon a hook, cut me to the bone
Froze me with a kiss, laid upon your throne
In the abattoirs of love
In the abattoirs of love
You're in the serpent's jaws, love chains you to the floor
Like fools you climbed so high, it's further then to fall
In the abattoirs of love
Love's a game for fools, for fools
Love's a game for fools...

# 10  Heroes Day

When two eleven's meet: we shall think of you
When November calls: we shall sing of you
Your glory is like crystal, reflecting the sun's rays
Your banners rise again, on Heroes' Day
On Heroes' Day

In our comrades arms: we shall dream of you
When the war horn sounds: we shall be with you
Your memory leads us on, never to decay
With us once again, on Heroes' Day
On Heroes' Day

When on Vigrid's plain, we shall rise with you
When on Vigrid's plain, we shall fight with you
Your honour stands unbroken, your swords point the way
We'll meet you once again, on Heroes' Day
On Heroes' Day...

# 11  Rex Talionis

Blood and wine so easily poured
From golden throne to marble floor
And laurelled heads that turn and stare
With swords of silver and golden hair
Rex Talionis
And eagles stand at history's gates
Symbols of nature's beauty and crimes of states
With wings that thunder in the night
With talons sharp and eyes of light
Rex Talionis...

# 12  Wine And Blood
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