Rapture (1998)

# 1  Into Cold Light

A thought unchained unpredictably drifting in wider spaces,
beyond the limitations of the spirit of time...
# 2  Petrified Spirits

I looked thru misty eyes of future
Warped truth of plastic culture
Sublime thoughts barred into black concrete
Technical suicide tragicomic it will be
Petrified spirits
Oblivion of past
Vulnerable whisper
Cheap kiss for a second
Envy brings the cause
Blindness executes
Drive has its weapons
In playground of power
Echo of deep emotions split the paradox
Touch of speaking nature is it lost ?
Candels of wasted life well burning
Questions of blazing consciousness calling
Glance carves visions of eternity
Meaning rides on the crest of dreams
Tomorrow caressing the waves of the universe
World shivers the glow of quilt
# 3  For The Unknown One

On the altar under the sun
You may believe though he'll never come
Across the emptiness
To soothe your loneliness
To fill the hearts so hollow
To ease the seeking souls
On a rock under the sun
You may believe though
They'll never come
Across the emptiness
To soothe your loneliness
To fill the hearts so hollow
To ease the seeking souls
In here somewhere
Turning and turning again
Idols in the making
We're not the ends of everything
In here nowhere
Turning and turning again
A spirit in time
A soul craving to be recognised
Forever wrecked on the shores of solitude
The rapture of the sun the calm of the moon
On the edge of emptiness
Once meaningful is meaningless
One wonderous beast no more no less
Here I dwell in the core locus of consciousness
# 4  Wunderwerck

Purest in him is the urge to kill
A secret dream, a supressed will
In the night of the mind
The beast still howls
Calling him into the deepest night
Into the deepest night
Above the pits of woe
Shines himself the morningstar
Gives him the urge, gives him the might
To darkest wonders, to darkest arts
True prowess, fulfillment as man
Devours the one to become one
Takes to not to be taken
Whoever that takes shall be given
Whoever that falls shall be devoured upon
# 5  After God

Master taught me taught me well
To read the heavens the signs of sky
To know the Earth to know the Air
To see things already there
Found my way thru' turmoil of times
A covenant made shine or decay
After god now free
In rapture?
In harmony?
The infidel indulge in greed
Rotten blossoms of rotten seed
After god now free Leviathan?
After god painless shame
Of vulgar hordes greed enthroned
After god
Mother unveiled
Mysterious beauty now in shame
Search for rest one peaceful place
Calm between light and shade
Somewhere in two-light world
The inner circle of hell
Here lies
Pathetic, shameless
Whole depth of emptiness
After god we're lost
Lost it all - lost in everything
# 6  Unzeitgeist

# 7  Wretched

"Why so soft,
O' my brothers..
So pliend Rejoice in sweet submission of murder, of conceit
How can you ever triumph with me?!?!
I'd rather be wretced and broken
Than join into your fraudulent joy
I'd rather leave my will unspoken
Than stain it in your sick vaudeville

Petrified spirits, oblivion of past
Vulnerable whisper, cheap kiss for a second
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